The Cookie Share Project

Giving back to the equestrian community 

The Cookie Share program is dedicated to donating our horse treats to equine rescues and therapeutic riding centers. Every month we select a new program and donate 10 cookies as well as in our shop you can find our '"Cookie share project" cookie, Every time this cookie is purchased it gets donated to that months selected program. Not only are the cookies donated as well as 80% of the profit made from the cookie. 


April 2022
Helping Horse 

Helping Horse is a 501c-3 non profit located in Wendell, NC.  We have been in business for 32 years.  At Helping Horse we offer group and private riding lessons for people with a variety of physical, mental and emotional special needs.  Our focus is to provide a therapeutic experience for each individual rider by combining riding skills with games and activities to enhance their strength and balance while having fun!


Therapeutic horseback riding is a fun way to combine a person’s therapeutic goals with the connections to volunteers and horses. Therapeutic riding helps to improve: communication, following directions, social skills, building strategies for handling stress, physical strength and confidence.  


At Helping Horse we currently have 80 riders in our program along with 11 horses, 12 instructors and over 100+ volunteers.  We rely on the financial support of our community and are so grateful for all of their support.